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The Summer 2020 Isla Mujeres Ethnographic Field School 'Fieldcraft' program covers most of the material that is learned in our normal summer field school session, but is designed for those who are either planning projects (like undergraduate Senior thesis, Masters thesis or Ph.D. dissertations) or whom are in the middle of projects and are seeking some research therapy to help get them on track.


All of the theories, ethics and methods that are discussed in our on-the-ground summer session will be covered. Students can also conduct their own research during this on-line training session at their home locations, within the COVID-19 protocols of their community or on-line.


We are strongly encouraging students who intend on participating in our Summer 2021 program (Advanced Methods) to consider this on-line course so that they can jumpstart work on their research proposals and learn about theories, ethics and methods prior to their arrival on the island. It will make their time spent here on the ground and in the field much more fruitful. 

The Fieldcraft Online Program will start on February 1st and end on March 29th.

Tuition for the program will be $1,500 USD per student.


All reading materials will be provided.


Students must become familiar with the Zoom application prior to the start of the program.


We encourage students at all levels of training and from any discipline to apply, as well as those who may be not connected with a program, but whom want to learn more about ethnographic research, anthropological and sociological methods, theory and practice.


Please email Dr. Todd Pierce, the Director of the program directly if you are interested in joining this summer's research team at



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