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  MAY 15 - JULY 13 2024




This session is designed for students who can not logistically attend our summer sessions in person, but who want to study ethnographic research, participate in group projects, and learn the process (and difficulties as they present themselves) of ethnographic research. 

Students of the FieldCraft session will participate lectures offered to our Advanced Methods and Methods Practicum students, as well as 'live' lectures conducted on the island via Zoom (or some other format), where every student, either in-person or remote can interact within the lecture series discussion.


FieldCraft students may also join one of the research teams created via the 8 Week Advanced Methods program. As a team member, our remote students will collect valuable data via online sources, create and conduct online surveys, conduct remote interviews, as well as collaborate on transcriptions, translations, data analysis, and ethnographic representations. This is an effort to use existing technologies to expand the idea of team-based ethnographic research. If the student contributes meaningfully to a project that is prepared for publication, they may assist in the creation and editing of those articles and receive co-authorship if published. This can apply to conference papers as well.  


Moreover, if the student aligns early enough with a proposed project, they may also be involved in the development of the research proposal for a project (or two).


Apply early, get more involved and learn more about – and be part of - the process. All lectures will be recorded via Zoom so remote students (or in-person students who cannot attend lecture) can review the lectures and discussions after they take place. 

This course might be particularly useful for those who are either planning projects (Senior thesis, Master's thesis, or Ph.D. dissertations) or who are in the middle of projects and are seeking  research therapy to help get them on track. All of the theories, ethics, and methods that are discussed in our on-the-ground summer session will be covered. This course can help a student design a research project for their degree requirements and can include one-on-one problem-solving discussions. 

Students may also conduct their own research during this online training session, but at their home location. Students who plan to conduct research projects should contact us about that as early as possible, and apply by May 5th in order to work on their research proposal prior to the start date; the earlier the better.


We use the Wenner Gren Foundation format for our student proposals. 

All reading materials will be provided. Lectures will be daily from 4-6PM (we usually end it earlier than 6) Central Time (Cancun time) for the first week, and then fall into a Monday – Wednesday – Friday format for the remaining 7 weeks, with one-on-one and team-based Zoom meetings taking place throughout as the need arises per student / project.


We do our best to accommodate multiple time zones and are flexible as to how the schedule works out for individual students.  Students who intend to publish their research reports – as a co-author on a team project or individual - can rely on the faculty to work closely with them well beyond this 8-week session for guidance in order to help them succeed in publishing their research reports.


Our 2020 remote session had a wonderful academic journal article produced (and published twice now) and we expect more for this summer. Our in-person live on the ground sessions have excellent publication records as well. We expect several publications from our four main projects from summer 2020 (all were Covid-19 focused projects).

Students must become familiar with the Zoom application prior to the start of the program. All discussions are recorded and downloadable in order to review discussions.

We encourage students at all levels of training and from any discipline to apply, as well as those who may be not connected with a program, but who want to learn more about ethnographic research, anthropological and sociological methods, theory, and practice.

Please email Dr. Todd Pierce, Director directly if you are interested in joining this summer's research team at



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